Sundarbans- A Perfect Wildlife Destination in India

Wildlife Destination in India

Sundarbans- A Perfect Wildlife Destination in India

Sundarbans is one of the largest mangrove forests in the world. The most of the park is in Bangladesh and rest is in the Indian state of West Bengal.  Kolkata is the nearest city to the park, located at the distance of 57kms.  Sundarban is one of the prominent tiger reserves in India, which was established in 1984. It is encircled with a variety of flora and forest and is an abode for many species of animal and birds including saltwater crocodile, reptile, bird and some endangered animals. The serene environment of the park keeps you away from the appalling noise of city. So, if you want to go on the best wildlife destination in India, Sundarban is waiting for you.

Sundarbans-An Amazing Wildlife Destination in India

Camping is always full of adventure in Sundarbans offering the best experience of wildlife tourism in India. Sundarbans is the best place see wild animals in their natural habitat. The park has numerous facilities like lodge facility, dining area, etc. There are couples of food outlets inside the park serving an authentic Bengali cuisine.

Fauna and Flora in Sundarbans

Wildlife Destination in India

Flora in Sundarbans

The whole of the Sundarban is encompassed by mangrove forest, which is maintaining the ecosystem of the region. The park comprises 64 distinct species of plants that can grow in all weather conditions. The park has an assortment of trees, including Bruguiera gymnorrhiza, timber, firewood, sundari, garon etc. Few trees are of red and yellow flowers that look gorgeous during the spring.

Wildlife Destination in India

Fauna in Sundarbans
Since the park is the largest tiger reserve in the world, it is an abode for approximately 400 tigers, most of them are Bengal tigers. Tourists can observe these tigers  bathing and sun basking near the river. The best time to watch tigers are from November and February. Some of the major species of animals residing in the park are fishing cats, leopard cats, macaques, wild boar, Indian grey Mongoose, flying fox, jungle cat, pangolin etc.

Endangered Species in Sundarbans

The most of the area of Sundarban is covered with wetlands and mangrove forest making it a perfect place for aqua fauna such as sawfish, butterfish, tree frogs, king crabs, starfish etc. The climate and geography of the park is an ideal place to endangered species also. You can spot many endangered animals here such as Saltwater Crocodile, River Terrapin, Olive Ridley Turtle, horseshoe crab, and ground turtle.

How to Reach Sundarbans National Park

The nearest airport to the park is located in Kolkata, namely Subhash Chandra Boss Airport. It is approximately 112 km far from the park. You can get a boat to Sundarbans from Kolkata that takes just 2 hours. By road you can reach to the park in 3 hours.


Canning railway station is the nearest railway station located just 29 km from the park. From here  you can easily get a taxi for the park.


Sundarbans is very well connected through road to Kolkata which is 110 km away, and all modes of public transports are available from Kolkata to Sundarbans .