Experience the Beautiful Nature of World in Ladakh

Experience the Beautiful Nature of World in Ladakh

Ladakh is a hypnotic place and can leave your jaws open. Of course, it is not a lame statement but reality. Once you explore the tourist spots, beautiful sites, amazing surroundings and outstanding landscapes, you are going to second this view. After all, this destination has earned a place in the hearts of the traveller. Not just the Indians but people from different countries visit this spot for adventure, holiday and trekking.

There are plenty of Ladakh tour packages in India available for your ease and budget. These packages will encompass everything for you. You can easily and without any stress visit the different spots of this place. Anyhow, before you plan anything or drop the idea to visit this place, you must check out the following destinations.

The Spellbinding Sites

You can call Ladakh a place where time stops or theplace where mind halts. The unmatched charm and beauty of this place is certainly going to make your heart skip a beat for sure. In the middle of mountainranges ofHimalayan and Karakoram, the Ladakh place is a hilltop with clear blue skies, mesmeric water bodies, and hypnotic roads. You should not miss a chance to go to this blissful place, covered with the snow-capped mountains and blessed with an extensive culture.

You will not believe that the vibrant lakes, the beautiful monasteries and the valleysthey all make you just sit back and blend into nature. Itis the spot where you actually find yourself or finish those unfinished conversations with your spouse, partner, friends or children while taking long fresh walks or just sitting beside the gorgeous lake!

Grab the pictures

As Ladakh caters you gorgeous mountains capes, deserts capes and rivers capes, altogether, you are not going to feel disappointed with your Ladakh trip. The entire spot is very beautiful, packed with awe-inspiring panoramic views.  You must not miss to capture the wonderful horizons and the cleared landscapes. This place is also a blessing for astrophotography’s as it caters clear night skies to beautify the scenic beauty. Wherever you see, you are going to find beautiful sites and vistas!

Take a ride

It is the place that is home to the double-humped Bactrian camels. Just take a ride across the beautiful desert on a Bactrian camel and relish the gorgeous surrounding. Once you are there, you can also explore the Hunder gompa that is the oldest and hugest Buddhist monastery in the entire Nubra Valley of Ladakh. You must explore the area with this ride and you won’t regret it even a bit.

You know located at an altitude of 5,359 m, the Khardung La is the second uppermost motorable road in the entire world. Driving to the top through the roads that can hardly be taken as a road is a challenge and surely going to be one of your remarkable Ladakh moments. Such a road exploration will give you pleasure, thrill and adventure. You must check it out for your traveling buff!


So, find out the best Ladakh trekking tours in India for your exploration and embrace the charms and thrills this destination has to offer you