Don’t Miss Out on This: Ladakh Awaits You

Don’t Miss Out on This: Ladakh Awaits You

There are majestic destinations in India for tourists. If you are a vacationer or traveller then you must not skip these spots. One of such amazing destinations is Ladakh. it is a destination like no other. The gorgeousness of this place cannot be articulated in words. If you are planning to visit Leh  Ladakh, it can turn out to be a wonderful experience as these destinations have an abundance of natural charm.

Once you are there, you will see that the place has a bundle of fascinations snuggled therein. These spots are full of pristine beauty. After the entire destination is a distinct blend of Indian, Tibetan and Buddhism linings. It makes this place a spot that is worth paying a visit to. Icing on the cake is that you can easily get Ladakh trekking tours in India for your trips and tours to this place. This way, you can enjoy an adventurous and thrilling trip in Ladakh.

Zanskar Valley


Apparently Zanskar valley is one of the finest spots to visit in Leh Ladakh. The place is amidst the most deserted places in Himalayan range. These steep terrains roofed with snow showcase the blissful skies. The branches of the Zanskar River are popular for periodic white river rafting. The views are absolutely heart winning and the picturesque sites fill the tourists with amaze.



Khardungla Pass is an amazing gateway that leads to Nubra and Shyok valleys. Maybe it might not be characteristically a tourist fascination in Leh Ladakh; it is surely amidst the must visit spots to explore in and around Leh Ladakh for journey buffs. The sites here are distinct and beautiful. You can find a sort of exclusiveness in the vistas here.


Any tour to Leh Ladakh is going to be incomplete in the absence of a visit to Kargil. This is the second hugest town in Ladakh, located on the banks of the Indus River. This is a transportation hub having roads leading to Leh, Padum & Srinagar. This is undoubtedly a haven for thrilling enthusiasts as they can relish sports like mountaineering and trekking. You must not miss out this beautiful place.

Pangong Tso Lake:

Can you recall the gorgeous lake from 3 Idiots wherein Chatur lost everything? Of course, it is the same Pangong-Tso Lake that crosses the international boundary to length from India to Bhutan. This lake caters amazing site for camping and is present day hotspot for all individuals touring to Ladakh. The rules do not permit any type of boating on Pangong-Tso Lake. However, when this lake freezes in winters, in case you are feeling too courageous, you may wish to ice skate at only the bank of this lake. Similarly, don’t forget that the sites, vistas and landscapes here are spellbinding. You are going to have a great time amidst the lively and elegant environs. The place truly demands your visit and you will end up with ample praise.

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